: I had filled out a form to get information on being casted as an extra for one of my favorite TV shows. I was called into 2 "auditions". Was told the way they would be able to only give me access to auditions is if I signed up for their services. I hesitated. Told...
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Nicole Elaine Gschwind
Nicole Elaine Gschwind

Call your bank and notify them you got scammed. They will refund your money and handle the legal process with them.


Nine9 is total scam. They lie to you over the phone saying you don't have to pay anything but once you come in they charge $499 but $ 39 monthly


Nine9 - What a joke!

Don't do it! One of the biggest scam ever. They just take your money and do nothing! It's just not fair. They will not give a refund not even cancelling the next day. absolutely not, absolutely not, {{Redacted}}

I have no clue who is nine9

Nine9 just texted me for a interview That I never sign up for. Now they are making me appointment for this Saturday. What should I do? Anyone !!!
I was contacted by this company because i was referred to them by another agency. I was immediately suspicious of the company because in the email they provided very little information ( usually a call will have some sort of explanation on what to bring from...
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Yikes!! they are luring people in via facebook too now


Thanks, i have all the proof i need to know that this is a fraudulent company. Is is sort of obvious tho.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I had an amazing experience with Nine9. They helped me through every step of my acting career. I've done some small things here and there (Non-paid). I have also had a couple really well paying gigs (They ranged from $64 a day to $750...
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Anonymous Man

Come on. I call BS. How about listing all these gigs?


Another fake review by staff lol. I work there so I know.

I liked
  • Castings
  • Classes
  • Staff
I didn't like
  • Kind of expensive
I just want to know Nine9's top competitots; like anything else, you need to shop around. The reality is thay breaking into thos field, you need expose, an agent; you need to be willing to make an investment in youtself, if you want it bad enough. Truth be told, even...
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Nine9 - Scam!!!!!

They literally only want ypur money and dont ask for a refund because they are not going to give it to you. You have to apply for yhe castings yourself and they help you with nothing but how to pay $499 initial fee plus $39 every month afterwards. I wish i would have never paid them. They are legit a scam!
Additional Fees
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Scholarship, Grants and Programs
Value for money

Nine9 - Ew they stink

Nine 9 just wants your money and they spam you with messages
Nine9 has contacted me several times over the past several months. When I ask them where they got my information, they avoid the question. I'm not sure where they are getting information from, I never signed up for anything. When I asked them if there was a fee...
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Nine9 - Already experienced actor

If I'm already experienced are you going to take advantage of me if I'm looking for representation from y'all.