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Company used Tyler Perry roll call to lure you in. When you get there they never mentioned Tyler Perry it's definitely not a audition for anything .

Main objective is selling you pictures for 500 that's not done by a professional photographer. The lady who works front desk is photographer. The pictures are taken outside in front of building. The white lady comes in to butter you up.

Than they send Judah of Ascort in to sign the deal which is the black woman. Anything that was done under handed was presented by the blacks so at the end who you feel betrayed by your own kind.

Black people stop letting this system use you I know you need money but this is wrong and misleading and stop lying when I couldn't present money right than you came up with another option . Don't fall for this you will definitely be pissed lucky I read reviews before going in

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Nine 9 Unagency, is a huge scam based on the bait and switch. Tyler Perry just posted a video about these people!

Run very far away from Nine9 Agency! Its hundreds of dollars, they promise you the world and never return your call when you want your money back!

to Jermey12 #1527166
Nine9 Verified Representative

The video you are referring to is of Tyler Perry talking about people saying he's giving away cars and homes which seems to be a common rumor about him on social media. The video isn't about our company or any of the talent we've submitted to his projects.

We promise our talent what we can deliver and that is the opportunity to build a successful career with our help.

Based on your comment, it doesn't sound like you've ever used our service or have been a talent with us, but if you were and had an issue, you can reach me at jeremy@nine9.com. Have an awesome weekend!


They did the same thing to me! I was going in there for a Purge tv show cast and they completely lied to me and scammed me out of my money!!

Nine9 Verified Representative

We're sorry to hear that you were not interested in utilizing our service, EvasiveFinch. As a company that has been doing business in the industry for over 15 years, we're not a scam and work to be forthright and honest with everyone who comes through our doors.

Since we are not an agency, we do not work on commission and do not charge our clients or talent commission for utilizing our service. We do charge an enrollment cost for our service which does include headshots, a comp card, monthly workshops, a website for our talent, access to our network of contacts we've worked to build since 2003, and more.We had recently submitted our talent to a Tyler Perry project and are sorry to hear that our staff didn't mention it during the open call. However, we offer talent who enroll with us much more than just one casting opportunity. If you were only interested in this particular project, we can certainly understand why our service would not be valuable to you and wish you well in applying to the opportunity yourself.We are an equal opportunity employer.

No role within our company is assigned to anyone based on their race, sex, creed, religion, color, or national origin.

Stating that we've attempted to categorize our employees or their tasks at our company based on anything other than their ability and knowledge is simply incorrect. If you have concerns about our company, the ethics of how we operate, cost of our service, or anything else, feel free to email me at jeremy@nine9.com and I will be more than happy to address this directly.

to Nine9_Support #1520205

Hey Jeremy you guys a complete fraud. Stop trying to tell people you cast for Tyler perry cuz he should sue you guys You kno you don’t cast for him all lies to get people to come pay for your service

to Katie #1520478
Nine9 Verified Representative

Submitting talent to a casting opportunity isn't fraud in any way and only benefits talent if they are chosen as well as the production company seeking talent, Katie. It sounds like you've misunderstood our service.

No, we are not stating in any way that we are the casting/production company for the Tyler Perry projects currently looking for talent. We're not affiliated with Tyler Perry productions and have never claimed this was the case. My response to the review above and to this comment is meant to provide clarification on the process and the work we do as a company for our talent.

As I mentioned to the initial reviewer you can feel free to email me if you have questions specific to our services at jeremy@nine9.com. You're also more than welcome to visit our website for clarification about our company, service, and what being a talent with our company means.Here are some helpful links:• https://nine9.com/the-industry• https://nine9.com/nine9• https://nine9.com/about-us

to Nine9_Support #1575979

Wow they tried this with me after I asked if I have to pay any fees I haven’t got a respond back. After I went to research this nine9 and found a lot of people being scammed I asked if it’s a scame and send pictures of what people are saying. Never got a response definitely fake fraud shame

to Nine9_Support #1575982

A complete complete shame your are still trying to justify the way your scamming us. You just can’t go around promising everyone everything, take there money and then never respond. Horrible way to do business

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