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One day I was surfing my facebook account and out of nowhere I got a casting to do an extra on a television series (to which, with all the nerve in the world they did not call me) the fact is that time passed and I They called very insistent for an interview in which I made the worst mistake of my life. Accept the contract that they offered me for the auditions and they charged me a quite impressive amount of money of which they continued charging me an extra amount just for that reason.

Never fall into a trap like that. They do not want to help you, they want your money that's all.

And finally I have been trying to communicate with them to cancel the contract and they do not answer me. This is the last straw.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nine9 Modeling Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Thank God I read all of this! Thank u for the heads up.

I knew it was going to be a money scam...been there before! They keep texting me and I finally told them I’m not interested in scams and they stopped


So glad I read this! They won't be wasting my Thursday evening.


I have an appointment tomorrow morning with nine9 & I am glad something told me to research the company first. I am new to this and if anyone have any advice on where to start as far as acting, I am always to open to great a start!

to Diane Colbert #1442821

How did it go?They called me to go in this Saturday

to Raquel sossa #1446567

This is crazy im confused.. I went on my second interview and pass.

They ask me to being $500. Back friday to start my photos ect... Only thing that i wonder abt where is Tyler Perry? Lol ....

I signed up on fb to interview for his new show.. They said age 18 to 50. If your interested in being a actor for Tyler Perry .. I get there its nothing to do with tyler Perry..

Why even use his name. Galae advertisement..

Run Run Run. lol


Glad I found this. They contacted me to come down Wednesday. WHEW!


I'm a producer for ABC News, wondering if you could contact me regarding the above comment. I can be reached at eamon.p.mcniff@abc.com

Thank you

to Anonymous #1438357

They keep harassing me. And I’ve already asked to not contact me.

to Anonymous #1446570

Yes i will thanks in a few

to Anonymous #1456577

I had the same experience but when asked today to fork up 499 then 39.95 per month I left. They falsely advertised on fb that they were looking for movie extras for a movie bring film ed in Detroit, MI where I live.


I TRIED CALLING TO CONFIRM A 7PM APPOINTMENT WITH NINE9, NO ANSWER!!! THEY CONTACTED ME LEFT NO ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER IS BS couldn't get nobody on the phone no address to the place and the reason why I'm being interview is to make money I don't have money that's the whole point so if I got to pay before I even start that's cutting my nose to spite my face I'm over it

to Sahara Rex-Bey #1407152

YES YOU HAVE TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Sahara Rex-Bey #1446573

Yes i have bills kids and $400 is alot and no work no


I just left there I walked out before they interviewed me. I figured out it was just a scam to charge me for pics

to Anonymous #1415620

My boyfriend is really happy because they texted him saying they wanted to do an audition. This is ironic because he went and got accepted and now he has an agent named "sarah" who is charhing him 50$ for headshots and more for professional ones. Seeing this made me suspicious

Nine9 Verified Representative

We would be happy to assist you with any concerns you have about your account including cancellation. Feel free to email us at CustomerCare@Nine9.com and we can address any issues you may be having.


JUst contact your local news station , they already been on the news here in Detroit

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