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I went to your agence to day I realized that I was supposed to pay 499 that they had not idea since nobody told me while my first interview that if Nine9 accepte me I have to to pay 499 .. it happened to day and decide to call nine9 cancelled my application but nobody responded to my call .

Nine9 that is really sad 500dollars is too much.(I am young lady who is working hard to get my money and I just waist my 500dolars . Thanks

Review about: Nine9 Modeling Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1335487

Please help report them to your local and state attorney general for their fraudulent schemes! https://www.bbb.org/scamtracker/detroit/reportscam?submission=89fce580-3eef-4271-9bb2-8e62bffdc748

Acworth, Georgia, United States #1329247

This is the typical modeling scam to take innocent people's money. My son was contacted by them and he specifically asked them if there would be any fees associated for photos etc.

The agency responded that there were "NO" fees.

They brought him back the next day for a second interview, and then requested $ 499.00 for photo card and $40 per month to update card to remain in their "Agency". This is a complete scam and ripoff.

to Anonymous #1330657

Call your bbb and report them and your attorney general


I have an appointment on 4.22 .2017 I'm not going because I've been through some like this with many other so called modeling agency not going

to Anonymous #1331475

So do i on 5 27 im not going smh disgrace


What you need to spend that money on is an education! If you were speaking these words to me like you wrote them, I would have punched you in the face.

This paragraph was worse than grammar I saw on 4th grade English exams on what to correct.

to Lit West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1317993

Lit - this "agency" preys on young people. The original ad we applied to was looking for kids as young as 7, so the person above that you trashed for their lack of grammar skills may have been a child, a child you "would have punched in the face".

Stop lurking places like this and get a life. Or perhaps you work for that scam company .

. .

to AnonymousMom #1318697

Well said

to Lit #1320068

Yours isn't much better. Work on yourself and stop criticizing others it is not very nice.


If you have been scammed see how to really get a company's attention;


Stowe, Vermont, United States #1313362

It looks as if this is one of those foreign country entries that are invalid. The sentence makes no sense.

to Mike Thomas #1313508

You sound racist Mike


That's false advertising you should call the police or something

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