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My mom referred me to this company after she had an interview. I schedule my son an appointment for 7:00 pm in which they stated to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

With Houston traffic I arrived at the door of the office at 7:00 pm to find their suite closed. I never reschedule even though constantly attempt to reschedule. However, the schedule my mom was scheduled for a photo shoot December 30, 2018 which she arrived early to find the entire building closed for the holidays!!

My mom did mention a $500 deposit...... Wished she would’ve read the reviews first to not be a victim to these scammers!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nine9 Modeling Service.

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I think your mom will be fine imo since she seems to act like a professional and knew what she was doing when she signed up. From the sound of things and since she decided to refer you, they clearly told her they charge for what they are giving her or she wouldn't have done it, right?

Maybe you could have called ahead rather than just showing up instead of wasting the gas. Given the place could possibly improve their scheduling or something but I don't think that really makes it a scam based on what you wrote here.

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